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Meeting the Standard – Saur UK’s Glasgow Contract Renews ISO 14001 Accreditation

Saur UK has reaffirmed its commitment to environmental improvements as its plant operation in Glasgow renews ISO Standard 14001 certification.

After a concerted drive to secure the accreditation in 2017/18, with improvements to internal recycling and processing being the biggest focus, the plant has now been re-audited and secured the ISO Standard for the treatment of waste water and management of sludge waste for a further year.

Over the past 18 months, the team has put in place new and updated polices for environmental practices, and the site has been cleared and installed with recycling units for all staff to use.

Karen Thompson was responsible for leading the effort to secure the accreditation. “It was a lot of hard work this past year but it goes to the heart of Saur’s values to be environmentally complaint. Everyone at the plant has played their part and we are all very proud to have secured a renewal for the second year.”

Frederic Carbonnier, Plant Director welcomed the news. ”We know that Scottish Water, along with the Scottish Government, have set some very tough environmental targets to achieve. With this accreditation, we are demonstrating our support and dedication to meeting those targets, by improving our own practices and behaviours.

“Recycling on the plant is the biggest difference people have seen, with objectives such as recycling what we can every time and using electric vehicles to travel around the plant and locally. We do what we can and even small changes make the difference for this generation and the next one.”

The Saur team in Glasgow are now focused on the next prize, ISO 9001, an international standard with a focus on document control.

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