Saur in the community

Saur in the community

Saur is a long-term and committed member of the Glasgow community

Saur Group is always proud to be involved with the local community of which we are part.

Saur UK maintains that tradition and we are proud to have supported a variety of businesses and people during our tenure in Glasgow.

Today we are proud sponsors of the West Dunbarton Working4Business Awards

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These awards recognise and celebrate the success and achievements of businesses in West Dunbartonshire. Reflecting Saur's commitment to environmental technologies and solutions, we are proud to sponsor the Success Through Sustainability Award.


Promoting Individuals and Their Work

Chaz Sands is a young and talented photographer who we are pleased to support as he progresses his career.

An early career as a professional inline skater led to Chaz’s passion for photography. Having studied photography at college, his real feel and flair for the subject came when he began making short videos for his own marketing and sponsorship purposes. He knew he’d found his vocation when he won an award for UK videographer of the year.

He made the switch from video to camera as technology changes in digital SLR cameras ignited a curiosity for different lenses to capture the most beautiful landscapes around. As his skills developed, so did his style and he has succeeded in the most enviable task of linking his profession and his hobby of camping and hiking together.

We are delighted that Chaz applies his expert eye to capturing some varied and alternative shots of our working plant.

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Chaz Sands

Past Connections: Glasgow Warriors

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For over 3 years, Saur UK was delighted to support our near neighbour the Glasgow Warriors, one of Scotland’s premier rugby teams, as they settled into their new home in Scotstoun. Following a strong tradition of Saur’s interest in rugby in France, Poland and other regions, Saur Glasgow enjoyed being involved in this community sport and being a member of their Business Club. While being united in our love of rugby, we were also able to debate community issues and share ideas with other local businesses.

Since then, the club has gone from strength to strength, able to call on more sponsorships and support. While we ended our official involvement to get involved with other projects, we are keen to continue to follow the team’s progress whenever we can.

Glasgow Warriors