SAMOS: How the Transformational Water Programme Works

A shift towards a greater focus on operational performance improvements, resilience and accurate asset data; improving customer satisfaction and improving performance of Outcome Delivery Incentives.

How it works

Creating a holistic Asset Information Model, a wealth of plant data is analysed and interpreted using Saur’s own tools, refined after many years’ experience. The data and tools, with Saur’s own experience and expertise, quickly generate actions and priority planning for immediate results and dramatic, longer-term effects on bottom-line efficiencies and operational performance.

When combined with organisational changes based on integrated, co-located working, further outstanding results are achieved, developing a strong business case for new ways of operating to become business as usual.

SAMOS is the holistic operation of assets and consists of 3 symbiotic elements:

The Operational Control Centre – OCC. This is the physical embodiment of SAMOS with service functions integrated and co-located as a regional team providing support to the central operations teams managing customers and field force.

Structural reorganisation – transformation to a resilience centric and efficient organisation with staff empowered and with greater responsibility for performance together with the tools and support to achieve leading performance.

Operational Technology creating an asset information model aligned to PAS 1192-3 using existing proprietary software together with (as required) Saur tools to create powerful, holistic reporting and management tools.

Saur has a proven track record of implementing SAMOS in multiple environments; leading to 10-20% operational efficiency achieved in 18 months.