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Solutions to today's water challenges

The UK water industry is facing a series of challenges; from increased regulation and customer requirements, to tightening budgets, performance reviews and AMP readiness.

Saur works with water companies to find solutions to some of these challenges.

Researching and developing creative and new ways to maximise operational performance, realise environmental benefits and generate productivity gains are all at the heart of the Saur Group’s vision.

In the UK, we take the best of that innovation and experience and apply it to the climate and environments of British water operations.

Take our Sessil Technology for example. Saur UK is the first company to take this European innovation and successfully use it in the less hospitable, and more variable, temperatures of the UK.

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Micropollutant and Pharmaceutical
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UK water companies and industries who rely on water for their business are increasingly looking to Saur UK for technology improvements to bring efficiencies and savings to their operations.


The UK water industry is facing many challenges. These challenges require expertise and technology solutions. Saur can help with all of this.

Gilles Lassartesse, Business Development Director, Saur Group

Environmental Awareness

Scarcity of water, pollution and environmental impacts are all driving the need for new and effective solutions to improve the quality, standard and efficiency of water management. Saur UK brings the results of Saur’s global research and development to the UK market with a range of proven products and services that generate environmental improvements for the water industry and industries who rely on water for their business.