Aquavision from Saur is a smart solution to improve drinking water quality from borehole abstraction.

Aquavision technology removes the risk of sea water contaminating the catchment of boreholes and the quality of drinking water.

With increasing pressure on water resources, this new solution opens up a more cost-effective solution to plants operating in coastal regions, removing the need for more expensive remedial processes.

Aquavision 1

How it works:

  • The use of high-frequency sensors at depths of up to 200 metres ensures the salinity of poral fluid is managed in each aquifer
  • A cable carrying the sensors is inserted to around 200m
  • The sensors provide graphical information that helps monitor borehole abstraction
  • With accurate, continuous monitoring of aquifers, plant operators can make dynamic decisions and manage the operation of the borehole

The data provided by the sensors is used to forecast and plan abstraction quality from each borehole, allocating resources and remedial solutions as required.

Aquavision from brings visibility and clarity to coastal plant operations:

  • Anticipate quantitative and qualitative risks that may have a lasting impact
  • Ensure continuity of service while making and actioning rapid decisions
  • Avoid additional operating costs
  • Bring visibility to local authorities over the control of their resource
Aquavision 2

Proven Technology

Aquavision from Saur is already delivering proven results:

27 sites have been monitored in real time:

  • Ministry of Water and Irrigation in Jordanie, Hydro-geological service in Israël
  • Coquimbo region in Chile
  • City Châtelaillon-Plage
  • Water trade union of Rocailles Bellecombe
  • Water trade union of Charente-Maritime

Providing 3 million on-line data references for analysis.

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