Biological removal of Nitrate for potable water processes.

Full biological process using fixed bacteria, BioNitracyle® enables Nitrate removal from potable water.

Addition of ethanol to the water provides a source of carbon to develop heterotrophic biomass on a Biozzolane media specifically created by Saur for this purpose.

  • Complete transformation of nitrate into nitrogen gaz,
  • Combine removal of nitrate and in excess biomass,
  • Total control of nitrate to be removed,
  • Biozzolane®, allow a quick reaction speed,
  • Comply with most restrictive nitrate limits with level of treated water as low as < 5 mg/l-N-NHO3.

Typical process

  • Preparation of water to be treated with addition of Ethanol and Phosphorus. Adjustment of the by-pass flow.
  • Denitrification on an ascending (or descending) flow bioreactor.
  • Gravitary aeration followed by a biological filtration on GAC filter.
  • Periodic back-wash of the bioreactor and on GAC filter and treatment of back-wash water.
  • Biozzolane height: 2 to 3 m
  • Filtration speed: 5 to 10 m/h