The technology behind the solution

CarboPlus® - How It Works


CarboPlus® brings benefits and efficiencies for the more effective removal of pharmaceutical substances, pesticides (including metaldehyde) and THM precursors from water.

CarboPlus® from Saur:

  • Acrylamide monomer friendly
  • More efficient media usage through greater contact time and dosage flexibility
  • Low or no chemical consumption and little energy use required
  • Media flexibility to suit availability and cost
  • Potential for biological activity and reduction of organics

Already in operation at sites across Europe, this technology has demonstrated that it can remove metaldehyde in greater quantities than existing extraction systems, making it an attractive technology for those water companies who are likely to have to meet strict requirements about this and similar compound removal in the future.

How it works

Try CarboPlus® technology at your plant

Now water companies can trial the technology to test the results within their own plant operation. Our on-site technology demonstration is available in a range of applications to exactly meet the requirements of the plant.

CarboPlus® ╬╝GAC

Micro-granule activated carbon is used inside the reactor, suitable for low pesticide concentrations and low concentration of organic matters. Flow rate capacity of 45 m3/h.

CarboPlus® PAC

Powder activated carbon is used inside the reactor, suitable for high pesticide concentrations and high concentration of organic matter. Flow rate capacity of 24m3/h.


Similar to CarboPlus® PAC but this process is also able to treat turbidity. Flow rate capacity of 15m3/h.

The CarboPlus® technology system is loaded to a standard trailer positioned within the plant for as many months as required to sufficiently test the technology. All that is required is electricity and a discharge point to start the pilot. A Saur technician is provided as part of the demo, available on site to operate and monitor the process on a daily basis.

Q and A

Click here for some of the most frequently asked questions from operators who are looking to try CarboPlus® at their water treatment works.

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