CarboPlus® FAQs


We get asked many questions as our customers get more immersed in the potential for CarboPlus®. Here are some of the frequently asked ones. If you have a question we have not answered, email Axel for more information.

Which is the right CarboPlus® solution for my plant?

We have a range of solutions to fit individual needs. From a PAC (powder activated carbon) solution to ClariCarb® technology for plants where pre-clarification is not required, we can bring the benefits of CarboPlus® to your plant. We also offer a pilot and portable solution so you can understand the benefits first hand at your own plant. We’ll be happy to discuss all the options with you.

Where do you usually position CarboPlus® equipment in an existing plant?

As CarboPlus® is a pass-through turbidity technology, CarboPlus® equipment is usually installed between the clarifier and the sand filters. But it can differ from site to site, depending on your needs.

Will we need to keep the existing GAC filters after commissioning CarboPlus®?

CarboPlus® removes all pesticides along with other pollutants. So the old GAC filters can be decommissioned as they became redundant.

Will the turbidity have an impact on the CarboPlus®?

CarboPlus® is a pass-through turbidity. In fact, the inlet turbidity will be approximately equal to the outlet turbidity of CarboPlus®.

Which chemicals and concentrations are you using in CarboPlus®?

There are two types of CarboPlus® processes, depending of the type of activated carbon used, which have different requirements. Where micro granular activated carbon is used, no chemicals are required at all. Where activated carbon in its powder form is used, a very small amount of polymer and Ferric chloride is required.

What is the expected electricity consumption of the CarboPlus® system?

If there is no need for a re-lift station upstream or downstream of the CarboPlus® system, electricity is only required by the sludge blanket level transmitter, which has a very low consumption.

How long can we stop the CarboPlus® technology for, for maintenance purposes, without impacting the system?

CarboPlus® can be stopped for few days or even weeks for maintenance purposes, without having to empty it. If a longer shutdown is required, a temporary shutdown of the CarboPlus® system should be considered.

Is CarboPlus® able to remove THM from water?

One of the advantages of CarboPlus® is that in addition to removing all pesticides from the water, it can also help remove THM pre cursors and by extension, this means reducing the amount of THM.