Saur UK Technologies


Real Time Acoustic Leak Monitoring

Leak Prevention Through Early Alarm Recording (EAR)

Leak prevention is a top priority for water companies and for Ofwat. As the PR19 price review calls for a 15% leak reduction, and challenging customer service targets are outlined, water companies are having to make bold leakage commitments to compete.

Saur has turned its attention to the task of leak prevention and mitigation with the development of EAR, an early alarm recording and acoustic leak monitoring tool which detects water leaks at an early stage with accuracy within one metre.

EAR has been proven to:

  • Bring a 10% improvement to network efficiency
  • Reduce leaks from 30% to 16.6% across one client’s network
  • Saved on average 95,000m3 water every year for one network

Water companies who want to reduce costs on leak detention as well as improve overall network efficiency, are turning to EAR for accurate and reliable detection to within one metre.

How it works:

Unlike traditional network listening devices, EAR from Saur has a hydrophone membrane that is positioned directly into the water for more accurate location of leaks. Listening points are installed at key positions on the network and permanent monitoring is put in place to detect any leaks in real time. The hydrophone membrane detects sound waves generated by water leaks on the network which are transmitted back to the operator’s own monitoring system.

EAR brings:

  • Clear listening as our hydrophone membrane is in direct contact with the water
  • Reduction of parasitic noise
  • Long distance listening through any pipe material, including plastic and iron.

EAR by Saur has been installed in over 300 operating systems, bringing water efficiencies and leak reduction to many water companies.