Micropollutant & Pharmaceutical Removal Technologies

The issue of micropollutants and drug residues in water are regularly in the news. Water operators turn to Saur for help to solve the challenges.

As standards tighten on micro-pollutants in water and waste water, plant operators are looking for a solution to address both the business and consumer risk.

The toxic effect of these persistent compounds on the environment, even in low concentrations, and the contamination of underground water resources, has encouraged Saur to push hard to deliver innovative solutions which meet both the regulatory limits and client concerns.

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The Saur CarboPlus Demo

Since March 2018 we have been able to offer a fully working demonstration of CarboPlus on your site.

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Available Technologies:

Saur CarboPlus®

Introduced in over 20 sites worldwide and providing excellent water quality with reduced pollution

Features & benefits


ClariCarb brings the effectiveness of CarboPlus micropollutant removal to plants where clarification is not required or where pre-clarification equipment is not fitted.

Features & benefits