Our history

Saur UK History

Over 30 years' experience of the UK water industry

Saur’s operational and innovative expertise has been part of the UK water scene since the 1990s.

The Early Years

South East Water Company

Saur UK was actually established in 1986 although it was in the 1990s when Saur brought four water companies based in the South East of England into line with new industry standards. Through the merger of water companies in Eastbourne, West Kent, Mid Sussex and together with the existing Mid Southern water company, Saur created the South East Water Company. The focus was on updating the old network systems, reducing leakages, and meeting the increasing demands of a growing population.

UK Environment Agency Commendation

During this time, Saur experienced some harsh weather conditions, including the severe water shortages of 1995. Despite the conditions, the South East Water Company continued to meet service commitments, and, crucially, embarked on a programme of customer information to keep the community updated.

As well as customer information to explain the need and importance of the imposed hose-pipe bans, the company offered tips for water conservation and encouraged public support for the speedy reporting, and thus repair of leakages.

As a result the South East Water Company was commended by the UK Environment Agency for its plan and actions to raise customer awareness as well as meet regulatory needs.

OFWAT Compliance

In 2003, Saur's final year of operating these contracts, the South East Water Company reached OFWAT's (England and Wales' water regulator) highest performance bands in all regulatory measures of service.

In October 2003, Saur sold its shareholding in South East Water Company.

2003 - Today

In 2003 Saur took operational responsibility for the Glasgow Waste Water Treatment Contract in Dalmuir on behalf of Scottish Water, Scotland's national water and waste water provider. The works are operated under a PFI contract. Since being awarded the contract, Saur has been commended for excellent audit results, project managed a major capital works improvement plan at the plant and ultimately been awarded contract extensions.

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Today Saur is also bringing its international experience to the UK with the introduction of technologies and services to UK water company operations. As part of the Saur Group, Saur UK is benefitting from the investment in research and technology and operational expertise and bringing that experience to the UK market.