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The level of detail shows Saur’s dedication to continually look for ways to improve the asset.

Scottish Water

Water companies and industries who rely on water for their business turn to Saur UK to get the most from their water operations.

Saur UK brings creative thinking and strong results to companies who are looking to bring environmental improvements or generate productivity gains at their sites.

Saur UK brings 20 years’ experience of the UK’s water industry alongside the latest international research and development opportunities to bring a variety of products and services to companies who rely on water for their business.

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As the operators of the Dalmuir Waste Water Treatment Works, we are committed to do our best to minimise or avoid any disturbance to service during the outbreak of COVID 19, while also ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our staff.


Saur UK achieves ISO14001 for the consecutive third year. Thanks to the hard work of everyone on site, the auditors noted: 'Overall the systems in place are very well managed used and understood by all employees. No non-conformances or opportunities for improvement were noted during this assessment.'


Saur Glasgow

Saur Glasgow

Saur UK is proud to be the operator of the Wastewater Treatment Works in Dalmuir, Glasgow.

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CarboPlus® from Saur is a treatment for micropollutants such as metaldehyde.

CarboPlus Technology


Transformational improvement to water operations from Saur.

SAMOS Technology