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Saur in the UK

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Saur UK is a leading provider of water management services and technical water innovation. As part of the international Saur Group, we combine UK experience and international expertise to bring a structured focus to water and wastewater development.

In the UK we are committed to bringing technology solutions to local companies who are looking to find environment or operational efficiencies. Whether working with national water companies or alongside local organisations who rely on water for their daily operations, we bring ideas and creative solutions to help get the best from our latest technologies and services.

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As the operators of the Dalmuir Waste Water Treatment Works, we are committed to do our best to minimise or avoid any disturbance to service during the outbreak of COVID 19, while also ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our staff.


Congratulations to Karen Thompson and Paul Jones, and the entire Saur Glasgow team, for an exceptional achievement of three ISO accreditations.


While people consider drinking water to be essential, they never consider waste water services in the same way. Until they imagine not having access to facilities – even for a few hours. It reminds us, again, that the people who do this work are every bit as essential as others working so hard at this time.


Technology Innovation and Operational Excellence for over 20 years

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Served as the South East Water Company until 2003 during which time it was commended by the UK Environment Agency for its plan and actions to raise customer awareness as well as meet regulatory needs.

In 2017 Saur Glasgow was commended as ‘dedicated’ and ‘impressive’ during Scottish Water audit process.