SAMOS: Transformational Water Improvements from Saur

Prepare for AMP7 / PR19 success by knowing where efficiencies will come from and how quickly they can be realised.

SAMOS is Saur’s Asset Management and Operational Service, a transformation programme created to deliver a package of process improvements, productivity enhancements and increases in customer service.

Developed from the bottom up over 5 years, SAMOS is now an exemplar operating model, proven to bring tangible improvements today while providing data driven planning for the future.

Saur’s SAMOS transformation programme can deliver a 10-30% operational efficiency improvement within 18 months as well as:

  • Better preparation for AMP7
  • A shift from capital delivery to overall operational performance
  • Enhanced quality reporting to regulator
  • Improved services and reduced leaks leading to improved customer satisfaction
  • Future-proofed operation

All of these are supported by SAMOS:

Operational Performance SAMOS support

Moves from Capital Delivery focus to Operational Performance SAMOS support


Prepare for AMP7 and beyond

Customer satisfaction

Improve Customer Satisfaction


Enhance reporting to the Regulator

Reduce leaks

Reduce leaks

Improve services

Improve services

Water wholesaler

Meet the future challenge as a water wholesaler

SAMOS, (referenced here as OCC) - Water Efficiencies and Savings (Saur Asset Management Operating System)

Also known as the OCC (Operational Control Centre in France). SAMOS is a series of processes, info gathering, technologies and data analysis which combined, can show up areas for improvement.

With 360° real-time visibility of the asset and service performance, every part of the water operation can benefit from SAMOS performance enhancements:

  • A holistic approach to operational excellence by more efficiently managing people, optimising assets and delivering services with a focus on the customer and regulatory obligations.
  • Introduction of operational control frameworks and supporting IT systems, to drive a culture of right first time, asset reporting accuracy and continuous improvement.
  • A natural integration of specialist teams to work together on issues where once they may have been siloed, to assess problems and undertake rigorous root cause analysis to lead to resolutions which are robust and where resolution timescales are minimised.
  • Creation of optimised asset investment and a focus on operational performance using operational technology to ensure lowest cost to serve.