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ISO 14001 Accreditation

Saur UK achieves ISO14001 for the consecutive third year. Thanks to the hard work of everyone on site, the auditors noted: 'Overall the systems in place are very well managed used and understood by all employees. No non-conformances or opportunities for improvement were noted during this assessment.'

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What a night!

Saur UK sponsored the Success Through Sustainability Award at this year’s Working4Business Awards.

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Orcas spotted in the Clyde

Sky News recently reported sightings of killer whales in the Clyde, attracted by the increasing stocks of fish following water quality improvements.

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Saur Glasgow hailed as 'dedicated' and 'impressive'

Saur Glasgow hailed as 'dedicated' and 'impressive'. Results of the Scottish Water Site Audit.

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Reaching the 'Top 10'

Saur are proud to be in the top ten of water companies in the world.

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