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Saur Glasgow hailed as 'dedicated' and 'impressive' Results of the Scottish Water Site Audit

A Scottish Water audit report has praised Saur Glasgow's performance at the wastewater treatment site in Glasgow. The audit, the first of its kind at the plant, took place in July and reviewed every aspect of the operation, from asset performance to chemical usage, from health and safety compliance to odour management.

The results are impressive, showing Scottish Water's delight with the operation at the plant. The results underpin the trend of continuous improvement and increasing standards at the plant over a series of years. Overall, the report concludes; "the level of detail shows dedication by Saur to be continually looking to improve the asset and a linkage to the ongoing maintenance being carried out on site"; and "it is an excellent example of how an asset should be maintained not only for compliance of treated effluent but for the actual physical condition of the operating environment", which is a great tribute to the commitment and effort demonstrated by the team.

The audit also picks on specific items for particular acclaim. For example, "the Huber grit removal system has recently been installed which is very impressive". In addition "manuals found to be kept very up to date...high commendation should be given to the team on site for maintaining the manuals in this manner".

The audit comes in the wake of the completion of recent construction works at the plant, which also included the erection of the biggest Nitrifying Trickling Filters (NTF) in Europe. Again, the team is congratulated for their unwavering dedication; "the on-site team should be commended for their determination to get the best possible results from the NTF's".

The fact this audit is still so positive despite the inevitable disruption caused by the building works is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the team at the Dalmuir plant.

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