SAMOS Transformative Water Improvements FAQs

Every part of the water operation can benefit from SAMOS performance enhancements.

Find out how SAMOS can support your operational excellence with some frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered, here, email us at

Will SAMOS be an efficient solution for my organisation?

Undoubtedly. The efficiencies created by SAMOS are developed with our fully integrated asset management and operational service experiences. We analyse and interpret a wealth of plant data, using Saur’s own tools and decision techniques, refined after many years’ experience. The data and tools, together with Saur’s own experience and expertise, quickly generates actions and priority/preventative planning for immediate results and dramatic, longer-term effects on bottom-line efficiencies and operational performance.

How does SAMOS fit within my existing operation?

Since SAMOS is based on creating a holistic asset and operation management service, using existing data and information, no integration is necessary. SAMOS brings a full optimised decision ‘engine’ and change management system that, as already proven in many companies worldwide, successfully implements actions to bring long-term benefits.

How quickly will I see results?

Saur’s SAMOS transformation programme is in place in a number of operations worldwide and has been shown to deliver a 10-30% operational efficiency improvement within 18 months.

Can I see a demonstration of SAMOS in place?

We would be delighted to arrange a tour of our flagship operation. Please get in touch for more information.