Glasgow contract

Serving the people of Glasgow since 2003

Saur UK is proud to be the operator of the Wastewater Treatment Works in Dalmuir, Glasgow, where we operate the site on behalf of Scottish Water, Scotland's national water and waste water provider.

This plant serves over 650,000 people living throughout North West Glasgow, East Dunbartonshire and parts of North Lanarkshire. It services an area of approximately 200 square miles, encompassing areas from Moodiesburn, Cumbernauld and Kilsyth in the East, Birdston and Milngavie in the North, Old Kilpatrick in the West and is bordered by the River Clyde in the South.

The site at Dalmuir has been operating as a primary waste water treatment works since it was built in 1904. It was upgraded in 2003 to incorporate secondary treatment (removing the need for trucking the waste to an alternative site for final treatment) and odour treatment facilities.

A further upgrade in 2017 demonstrated Saur UK’s commitment to innovation with a sludge treatment centre equipped with three centrifuge units and a state-of-the-art nitrifying filter, one of the largest in Europe.

In 2017 Scottish Water conducted an audit of Saur UK’s operation and commented:


It is an excellent example of how an asset should be maintained not only for compliance of treated effluent but for the actual physical condition of the operating environment.

The Faces Behind the Private Finance Initiative

The plant is operated by Saur UK under a long-term PFI contract. The PFI company is Scotia Water Dalmuir Limited whose shareholders are the Saur Group together with Equitix, a fund manager.

PFI in Practice

The PFI contract means that enhancements can be made to the works without the need for public funds.

In 2008, in addition to the normal operating budget, Saur UK committed an additional £2.5m as part of an enhancement plan to increase the capacity of the works and introduce upgrades in many other areas of the works, crucially including odour management control and sludge treatment.